Craps tips – the best variants to win with less participation in risky gamble steps

Craps tips – the best variants to win with less participation in risky gamble steps


Craps seems to be a hazardous game with quite simple rules, but it’s not the truth of last resort. Advanced players can use some specific tool stack to increase the chances to become a winner. Of course, there’s always a place for fortune and luck, but Craps tips are the best variant to succeed, playing against real players or digital intelligence, as well. Of course, everything is to be made step-by-step, and it’s better to start from the simplest tricks and then to go further to some professional recommendations. And below mentioned information can be treated as a guide book.

Craps tips in betting and playing process

There are some general casino Craps tips, which are to be learned from the very beginning of a gambler’s career. The most useful of them are mentioned below.

  • Never make Proposition Bets, like Any Craps, Any Seven, Any Eleven, etc.. Such bets suppose to guess the specific total amount of the turn. In spite of big odds, a casino has a big advantage of a player. Thus, Any Craps has an edge at the rate of more than 11 %; Any Seven bet gives 16 % of the advantage, and so on. It should be treated as the main Craps tips for beginners.
  • Don’t make Lay bets. This bet assumes to choose “7” to be on the table before “4”, “6”, “8”, “9” or “10”. This bet claims for 5 % commission and gives good percents to casinos to win.
  • Don’t go easy on Buy bets. 5 % commission is also taken from every win, and the casino edge still remains of a high value.
  • Make multiply bets on Place. To reduce the advantage of a casino it’s better to choose bets, divisible by five, such as 4, 5, 9 or 10 (with payouts = 9:5 and 7:5), or divisible by six, such as 6 or 8 (with payouts = 7:6)

These are just some simple advice for beginners, but every advanced player has a desire to become a professional, so some additional tricks will be described below.

The most popular tips to become a professional Craps player

It’s natural, when one professional step is taken, the desire to make another one appears. And the below Craps tips can help much to build skills.

  • The Pass Line Bet. It’s, definitely, the best bet, as the casino’s edge is only 1.41 %.
  • The Come Bet. This bet has the same house edge at the rate of 1.41 %, so it’s a good decision to make.
  • The Don’t Pass Bet. This bet has a casino’s advantage at the rate closer to 1.40 % that is also very attractive for players and this information can be used as one of the best Craps tips.
  • Odds Bet. There’s no house’s edge, but the bet can be used only if Pass Line, Don’t Pass, Come and Don’t Come bets are successful.
  • Place Bets. This type of bets are not as profitable, as Pass/Don’t Pass or Come/Don’t Come bets, as House edge isn’t very attractive, but if to make a bet on 6 or 8, it can give a house edge at the rate of 1.52 % that can be treated as an acceptable variant.

Craps is quite a simple game, but the mentioned tips can make it even simpler for players to become a real professional.

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